NYX Ombre Blush Review

Hey dolls.

So as you can tell by the title today’s post is all about the new NYX ombre blushes. I was lucky enough to receive one in the mail last week to try out and I must say they are stunning. I’ve never used a ombre blush before and the colour I received ‘Code Breaker’ which is a deep purple into a hot pink colour.

The blush is super pigmented and creamy. There are 8 shades which retail for €11.25 and are available in Arnotts and selected pharmacies nationwide.


It’s a wrap! 2016 Review


I decided to write on post on how the year 2016 was for me.

2016 didn’t start the best way as I was beginning the year unemployed after finishing a temp job as a sales assistant. I was pretty low because I had no money and had to reply on my boyfriend to pay the bills.

At the end of February I decided I couldn’t take sitting at home all day every day anymore. I got fed up so I started trying to build up a freelance business for myself. (I’m a makeup artist is you didn’t know) I began posting on all my social media (linked below) on a regular basis. After a little while I started getting appointment’s and little by little was business started to take off.

In April I joined a recruitment agency and did some promo work in stores for a skincare company. This all kept me going for a while.

I also sat my driving test in June but failed. I knew I wasn’t ready because I had picked up bad habits in the 2 years I had been driving.

In July I was invited to an interview for a job with my favorite makeup brand Inglot. 2 weeks later I got a phone call letting me know I had got the job. I was over the moon. It had been my dream job for years and I was finally fulfilling it.

In September I bought a new car because mine had been giving me trouble and was unreliable. A few weeks later I resat my driving test and PASSED. I never in a million years thought I would be able to drive. It has giving me so much independence.

As we enter a new year I have decided to start the year more positive. I worked to hard to get where I am and can’t wait to see where I will be next year. With all the amazing support I have received for my freelance business TanyaLeahyMakeup and with my work I have grown so much as an artist and I know that I will continue to grow in my career.

Overall 2016 ended up being a great year from me and really helped build my confidence and skills.

So here’s to 2017 let’s see what you bring.



Skin Care Routine

For the past few years I have struggled with skin care. I could never keep it up, my skin would break out & I was just lazy to be honest. But a few months ago I started working for a makeup company and as a makeup artist I am constantly wearing a lot of makeup. My skin is the worst it’s ever been  and I’ve become a lot more self conscious of it as it never looks flawless in pictures.

So I decided I NEEDED to focus a lot on my skin. I started drinking a lot more water and completely changed up my skin care routine. A little back ground about my skin type and all that jazz. I have combination skin which means I tend to be oily in my t-zone where is where I get most of my breakouts. The rest of my skin can be quite normal but can also be a little dry at times (especially this time of year in Ireland) So here is my skin care routine and also some of the products that I’ve been using and loving for my skin.

Makeup Removal

Every night I remove my  makeup with a micellar water on a cotton pad. This removes most of m face makeup but as I wear A LOT of eye makeup in work I use an oil based remover to take it of as it removes even water proof makeup. I then go in with a gentle face wash with warm water and pat my skin dry.

Extra Pampering

When I feel like my skin needs a little something extra I love to use a good mask. (I will be doing a separate post all on my favorite masks to use). When I’m pampering my skin I will also use a pore strip.


 Moisturizing is essential in my skin care as I feel my skin can get slightly dry without it. I will always moisturize before I begin my makeup and while it’s settling into my skin, I begin my eye makeup, then once I’m finished my moisturizer with have sunk into my skin giving me a smooth and even texture for my base.

So that is basically everything I do in my skin care routine. I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any question feel free to leave them in the comments.


Summer Reading

Hey everyone. Since it’s now summer time many of you have finished school, college or exams which means there is a lot of free time to do what ever it is you like. I for one love reading. It’s one of my favorite pass times.

So for today’s post I wanted to share with you all a few of my most loved book’s to read. I have always enjoyed reading as a way of clearing my mind and letting go of all the stress that has built up.

First up is my absolute favorite book by my favorite author Cecelia Ahern. Cecelia is an amazing Irish author, she has wrote some best sellers including P.S. I love you which had since become a popular movie. So the book I want to talk about is Where Rainbows End. I can’t count the amount of times I have read and re-read this book. It is my favorite love story.

The book is about two life long friends Rosie and Alex. It’s set in Ireland, which is obliviously amazing. The story is written in a unique way as it is all notes, emails and texts. I personally love this style of book. The book was published in 2004 and became an Irish and UK best seller in 2005. In 2014 the book was turned into a movie under the name Love Rosie. Since the movie was realized the name on the book has also been changed to Love Rosie. I feel it is a must read for anyone who loves a good book.


Next is the huge best selling franchise that is Twilight. I, among many other girls love the twilight saga. I actually first seen the movie before reading the books but after watching the first two movie and hearing that the books where better I had to see what all the fuss was about. I quickly fell in love.

The books where better the the movies although the breaking dawn part one and two movies for me will be by far the best. If you like fantasy and vampires but also a love story then this is the book series for you.

And lastly we have Fifty Shades. Now is this a very controversial series of book. Many love it and many hate it. I for one love it. The story in interesting and I found it hard to put the book down. To be honest I found the sexual parts quite boring but I did feel they were necessary for the story.

I really enjoyed learning the back story the the Mystery man that was Christian Grey. When I heard there was going to be a movie I was so excited. Thankfully I decided not to see it in the cinema as it was such a bad movie. I still think Ian Somerhalder should have been Christian as he would have been perfect and Lucy Hale.

So that is it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed and let me know in the comments what your favorite books are as I’d love to check them out.

Tanya x

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April Beauty Favorites

Hello Doll’s.

It’s hard to believe we are already in May, this year is just flying by. I decided to start doing monthly beauty favorite’s as there are some of my favorite post’s to read because I love finding new products to try out.

1.Sleek Matte Me Lipstick


First up is a liquid lipstick from sleek in the colour Birthday Suit. This has become very popular recently as it is classed as ‘A Kylie Jenner Nude’. I love this colour pay off of the lipstick and it feels really nice on the lips. It goes on like a gloss but after a few minutes it dries completely matte. I have ate and drank with this on and it did not budge. I want to get the other colours now and try them all.

2.MAC Lipstick in Spirit & Stone


Like most people I love mac lipsticks and have a few in my collection. Two that I am obsessed with at the moment are Spirit which is a gorgeous Brown nude and Stone which is a beautiful Grey toned brown. Spirit is the perfect everyday nude from me as it goes with so many different eye looks and as a makeup artist I am always wearing different varieties of colour on my eyes so I like to pair them all with a pretty nude. With stone I like to wear it with a simple eye look as it is a bold colour on me. It’s such a unique colour as it is brown but ha grey undertones. It is also very hard to get your hands on as it it so popular.

3. Ebay False Lashes.


Next is a pair of lashes I have be in love with. I’ve gone through 2 pairs of this lashes in the month of April because their just that good. I purchased these from ebay (here they are) for under €2. They are unbelievable quailty and so soft. I am  seriously ordering more asap.

4. Body Shop Black Musk Perfume


I love perfume like most girl’s. I always seem to go for really girlie smells. But when I smelled The Body Shop’s Black Musk I knew it would fast become my new scent. I’m going to be turning 24 in a few weeks so I thought it was about time I swapped my young girlie floral scents from something a little more mature. I am in love with the scent it is exactly what I was looking for and have been wearing it everyday. I can tell I’ll be repurchasing the second this one runs out.

5. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream.


Next is my new holy grail moisturizer. I recently tried out the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture cream and loved it. My skin has be kind of dry recently and this has really helped. I have been using the simple kind to skin light hydrating moisturizer for years but I feel my skin might have going used to it as it’s not working the same as it used to. The body shop one it amazing. My skin feels so smooth and I love that it’s for all skin types, because I have combination skin I find it hard to find really good skin care but I’m loving this range and I need to pick up more of the products from it.

So that’s it for this post guy’s. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what your favorite products were in the month of April.

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Bondi Sands Foam Tan Review


Hey doll’s.

So today’s post is a review on the Bondi Sands Foam Self Tan in light/medium. I was kindly gifted this product at a recent event. I was so happy as I’ve heard such amazing things about this brand and the fact that it was a light tan was a bonus for me because I don’t like super dark tan.

So first off the Tan smells amazing. It smells just like coconuts. There is none of that awful fake tan smell that you can never get rid of. The tan is also coloured so you can see exactly where it is being applied and make sure you don’t miss any spots.

I applied the tan with a tanning mitt first to my legs then the rest of my body and lastly my arms.


As you can see the colour was very natural which is what I like. It also says on the bottle that you can apply a second layer 30 minutes after the first which I will have to try next time.

The tan was so easy to apply and blended beautifully into the skin leaving no patches or strikes. I left the tan on over night and woke up to a beautiful, natural looking colour.

I do wish it had been slightly  darker but I will just pick up a darker one in the future.

Overall I was really happy with the product and will defiantly  be using it a lot more.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comment’s what tan you’d like to see me review next. Also if you have any other review suggestions I’d love to know.

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Elite Munster Bloggers Event 2016

Hey doll’s.

So yesterday I attended the Elite Munster Bloggers Network event in the Absolute Hotel in Limerick. It was hosted by the lovely Erin from Chasingrubychat & Stephany from S2UBeauty&Blog (Check them out – Erin’s BlogSteph’s Blog)


There were some amazing speakers on the day.

Laura from Laura Dempsey Makeup (on youtube & facebook) kicked off the day with an amazing masterclass, where she demoed a spotlight eye look. I was so happy to finally get to attend one of Laura’s masterclasses as she is one of my favorite makeup artist’s.



Next we had a talk from Caitriona from Revolve PR. She had some helpful tips on how to approach PR companies and also what they look for from bloggers. I found this information great as I am only a new blogger and the world of PR companies can be scary so it was great to have some first hand advice.

The lovely Kerry from Fabuliciousfifty was up next. Her talk was all about finding your blogging voice and how to set blog goals for yourself. It was great hearing Kerry’s story and everything that got her started in blogging.

Up next was David from David Coen PT. David shared his story of how he fell in love with fitness and wanting to help people achieve their goal’s. I found this talk very motivating as I have recently joined a gym to get fit. David recommends when starting of with fitness you should be exercising 3 – 4 times a week whether it be in the gym, swimming or even walking the dog.

After David’s talk we had lunch. I opted for the ham and cheese toastie and chips. It was AMAZING!!!

Once lunch had ended we had a wordpress talk, advice and demo by Micheal from Educated Machine. This was one of the talks I was most looking forward to as I am only new to wordpress. I learned so much and got really excited about blogging.


Next we had a chat from a Personal stylist from Debenhams. She showed us different outfits and also explained the importance of the right kind of under wear with certain outfits.

Lastly the lovely Gillian from Meagher’s Pharmacy had a little chat with us about their online store and also very kindly gifted us all an amazingly packaged box of goodies to try out. I snapped my un-boxing on my snapchat @crazyformakeup1 and was blown away with the amazing generosity shown to us. She also demoed the new Stylpro makeup brush cleaner that cleans and drys your makeup brush really fast. It’s perfect of any makeup artist’s. I also received a coupon code to share with all my lovely followers for 10% off your online order at Meagher’s.ie just enter “ELITE14” at the checkout (valid until April 17th). All orders over €50 also have free delievery and they ship all across Ireland. Thank you again so much Gillian for the amazing gift an I can’t wait to try out out all the product’s.


So that’s it for this post guy’s. I had a brilliant time Yesterday and am so thankful I got invited along. I will have a full video on my YouTube Channel showing all the items I received in my goodie bag’s. Thank you again Erin & Steph for a fab day.


Must have Inglot products!

Hey doll’s.

Today I decided to show you all my must have product from Inglot. Inglot has become my favorite brand at the moment. They have an amazing selection of products and are affordable.

1. Freedom System Palettes.

The freedom system palette’s are amazing. They retail from €9 to €30 depending on the size you want. I currently own 3 10 pan palettes and 1 4 pan blush palette. The palette’s are all magnetic and can be stacked on top of each other with out without the lids.

2. Freedom System eye shadows.

I included two of my favorite palettes in the above pictures. The shadows are so pigmented and cost only €6 per shadow which is amazing value for such high quality. They have a huge range of colours from the brightest pink to the darkest black. They have matte’s, shimmer’s and everything in between. There’s a colour to suit everyone and every mood.

3. AMC Gel eye Liner.


Everyone rave’s about Inglot’s AMC gel liners especially number 77 which is the blackest black EVER!!! It glides on the eyes and does NOT budge. I love it for the waterline because of it’s staying power. It is also waterproof and cost’s only €15.

4. Sculpting Powder’s.


Next we have the sculpting powder’s. I currently own four of these. They are amazing for contouring and come in a variety of shades so there is one to suit every skin tone. They retail for €10.

5. AMC Pigment’s.

I am obsessed with the loose pigment’s from Inglot. There are so many different colour’s. Some are matte, some are glittery and some are duo – chrome. There is so many different ways to apply these pigment’s whether it be with lash glue or Inglot’s cult product Duraline (a versatile liquid product). These pigment’s retail for €15 and last a long time.

6. Brushes.


At the moment I only own one brush from Inglot but it is amazing. The one I have is the 4ss which is perfect for many different things from creme contouring and highlighting to foundation to powder product’s. I love his brush and need so many more. This brush retail’s for €22.

So that is it for my Inglot must haves. If you would like to see a post on my must have shadows then let me know in the comment’s below.

Inglot also offer pro discount’s for Makeup student’s and professional makeup artist’s. Check out there website for all information http://www.inglot.ie

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My Fave Makeup Artist’s

Hello everyone.

So today’s post is an appreciation post about all my favorite makeup artist’s that I follow online and also who I look up to and admire.

1. Nicola Costigan.

Nicola is an amazing Makeup Artist and is also the owner of Buff & Blend which is a makeup brush and eyelash company. Her makeup looks are always on point and she is defiantly boss lady goals.

Check out Nicola’s Social Media links:

Snapchat- Sparklingbitch.

Facebook – Buff and Blend.

Website – Buffandblend.com.

2. Laura Dempsey.

Laura is a super talented Makeup artist and at the age of only 21, runs her own successful makeup studio where she does all her makeovers. As well as being such a talented woman she also has an amazing YouTube channel where she does many makeup looks that are so easy to follow. I am attending a masterclass by Laura this Sunday in Limerick and seriously can’t wait to meet this amazing girl in person.

Check her out:

Snapchat – laudempmakeup

YouTube – Laura Dempsey Makeup

Facebook – Laura Dempsey Makeup

3. Jeanette Cronin

Jeanette is currently the Manager in Inglot Mahon Point in Cork. Her talent is unbelievable. Her signature nude lip has become so popular around many girls in Ireland. Can I also mention her cut crease could slice a bitch.

Give her a follow:

Snapchat – Jeanettecronin

YouTube – Jeanette Cronin

Facebook – Jeanette Cronin Makeup Artist

4. Sinead Goff

Sinead is unbelievable at what she does. No matter what look she does it always looks flawless. Her snapchat tutorial are so informative and easy to follow. And one last thing I will say is Brow game is strong.

Look her up.

Snapchat – sinead-makeup

Instagram – Sineadgoffmua

Facebook – Sinead Makeup Artist

5. Keilidh Cashell.

Keilidh works for Inglot and is also a member of the pro team. She is so down to earth and her makeup skills are GOALS. Her YouTube channel is full of such helpful tips. She does a variety of different looks from colourful to neutral there is something for everyone.

Check her out.

Snapchat – Keilidhmua

Facebook – KeilidhMua

YouTube – Keilidh Mua

So that’s it for the post everyone. I look up and admire all these talents, amazing ladies. As  newbie in the makeup industry, I look up to all these girls as my inspiration and aspire to be as good as them.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. If you did give it a like and comment your fave makeup artist’s.

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MooGoo Fresh Goat’s Milk Cleansing Bar Review

Hey everyone! So after seeing Laura from LauraDempMakeup on snapchat rave about the MooGoo Goat’s Milk Cleansing bar for cleaning her makeup brushes I had to try it.
I purchased mine in a Pharmacy here in Limerick and have also seen it in Lloyd’s I said I’d pick it up and for €5.95 it was worth a shot.
I decided that I would do some before and after pictures of some of my most dirty brushes and also a beauty sponge. I was quite skeptical at first as nothing cleans my sponges.
I was quickly amazed at how clean my brushes and sponges were and also how fast it was to get them all clean.
How I used the Cleansing bar:

I began by wetting both the cleansing bar and my brush. I then Swirled the brush in the cleansing bar till it got a little foamy and then I swirled the brush in my hand and rinsed it.
All the makeup from the brush went down the drain and I was impressed.
The real test tho was my beauty sponges.
I did the same technique as before only this time I rolled the sponge between both my hand to really make sure it got clean and then rinsed.
The difference was unbelievable. My sponges looked brand new.
Overall Result: 

I couldn’t believe how clean my brushes were after using the cleansing bar and also how fast it was to do my entire brush collection. I have never found anything that worked as well as this cleansing bar did. I will defiantly be repurchasing it again and recommending it to everyone.
Check out the before and after pictures and see for your self.

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